AnyFit Pro (Lady)


Pro Kennex is proud to introduce its newest line of Lady gloves, including the AnyFit Pro and Friction Pro models. Crafted from selected all-weather synthetic materials, the AnyFit Pro (Lady) has a contour fit that provides a perfect comfort grip around fingers and palm. Hugely breathable and moisture wicking, this pair of gloves provides fantastic grip as you take your swing. The AnyFit Pro (Lady) allows greater comfort and range of movements during rounds. Made with vibrant hues, these gloves are certainly new fashion statements for all Lady golfers!

Pro Kennex has also strategically placed relief pads on the thumb, fingers and palm, protecting the Lady golfer against blisters and calluses by reducing pressure and friction with the new AnyFit Pro. The AnyFit Pro glove comes with a ball marker with Pro Kennex logo.


รุ่น KNX-006
ประเภทถุงมือ มาตรฐาน
ด้าน ซ้าย & ขวา
ขนาด 17 18 19 20 21
แพคเกจ แพ็คคู่ (2 ข้าง)
ส่วนประกอบ Digitalized Synthetic Leather with Proprietary Ergonomic Comfort Fit Knuckle

Navy Blue with Red & Fuchsia Mesh White With Royal Blue, Orange & Pink Mesh



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