SOS Hybrid


Drawing on the success of Pro Kennex’s popular dominator and previous SOS Rescue models, our engineers have taken the science of developing superior performing utility metals to a new level. Extremely sleek-looking, the new revolutionary SOS Hybrid combines the ease of hitting of the wood and accuracy of an iron into one versatile club. Not only does it allow better playability from the rough and poor lies, it also retains an unique geometry that any golfer will find highly workable.

Loft Availabilities (Right) :

15° | 18° | 21° | 24° | 27°



  ก้าน Loft (±1) Lie (±1) Swing Weight (±1) ความยาว (±3/16”)
SOS Hybrid 15° กราไฟท์ 15° 60 D0 41”
SOS Hybrid 18° กราไฟท์ 18° 60.5 D0 40.5”
SOS Hybrid 21° กราไฟท์ 21° 61 D0 40”
SOS Hybrid 24° กราไฟท์ 24° 61.5 D0 39.5”
SOS Hybrid 27° กราไฟท์ 27° 62 D0 39”



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