Core 1 Xpower


Get a leg up on the compeition with the Core 1 Xpower men’s golf set, headlined by a high Moment of Inertia (MOI) Titanium matrix driver that delivers longer, straighter drives. Followed by the popularity and success of Pro Kennex’s Core 1 golf set, the advanced performance of the new Core 1 Xpower set is ideal for the skilled and aspiring player.

The set features an oversized 450cc Titanium driver with lightweight graphite shaft that provides great accuracy and durability. The Core 1 Xpower irons feature a blended design for the skilled player seeking the ideal combination of shot control, maneuverability, and playability. The irons’ strategic weight positioning allows each club to perform to Tour level standards, no matter what shot is required. These irons offer a contemporary, confidence inspiring appearance in the playing position with soft blends and modern proportions.

With a focus on feel and performance, Pro Kennex’s all-new Core 1 Xpower set features 2 uniquely-engineered, easy-to-hit hybrids. Specifically designed to be forgiving, distance-enhancing alternatives to long irons, these Core 1 Xpower hybrids provide high, string trajectories so the ball flies farther and lands softer.


  ก้าน Loft (±1) Lie (±1) Swing Weight (±1) ความยาว (±3/16”)
#1 กราไฟท์ 11° 59° D0 44.75”
#3 กราไฟท์ 15° 56° D0 43.25”
#5 กราไฟท์ 21° 57° D0 42.25”


  ก้าน Loft (±1) Lie (±1) Swing Weight (±1) ความยาว (±3/16”)
#5 กราไฟท์ 25° 60.8° D0 38.25”
#6 กราไฟท์ 28° 61.3° D0 37.75”
#7 กราไฟท์ 32° 61.8° D0 37.25”
#8 กราไฟท์ 36° 62.5° D0 36.75”
#9 กราไฟท์ 40° 63° D0 36.25”
#PW เหล็ก 46° 64° D3 35.5”
#SW เหล็ก 56° 64° D5 35.5”


  ก้าน Loft (±1) Lie (±1) Swing Weight (±1) ความยาว (±3/16”)
Hybrid Core1 18° กราไฟท์ 18° 59.5° D0 41.5”
Hybrid Core1 21° กราไฟท์ 21° 60° D0 41”
Putter PK-51 เหล็ก 3.5° 90° - 34.5”




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